How To Buy Gold and Silver With Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency

Easy to follow instructions will help you explore the world of cryptocurrency making investing, in gold and silver simple and stress free.

How To Buy Gold and Silver With Bitcoin

Buy Gold and Silver With Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency

In a world where the digital and tangible merge, Bitgolder stands as a beacon for modern investors. Through the magic of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, purchasing gold, silver, and precious metals becomes a tale of convenience, security, and boundless possibility. This platform opens a gate to a realm where your investments in valuable metals are not just secure but are also as accessible as a click. Join the revolution, where the future of wealth is both digital and golden.

In order to buy metals like gold bars, gold coins, silver bars and silver coins using Bitcoin and cryptocurrency setting up a crypto wallet is a must. There are plenty of wallet choices in the market both online and offline. While online wallets are known for their setup and user friendliness they may lack the security features compared to offline wallets. Some popular online wallet providers include Coinbase, Blockchain and BitPay.

Once you have set up your Bitcoin wallet you will need to acquire Bitcoin to be able to purchase metals. Various platforms offer options for buying Bitcoin such as Coinbase, Binance and Kraken. It's important to assess the transaction fees and security measures of these platforms before making a decision, on which one to use for your purchase.

Following your acquisition of Bitcoin, proceed to move it into your Bitcoin wallet. With Bitcoin securely stored in your wallet, it becomes possible to conduct transactions on platforms that welcome Bitcoin payments, including Bitgolder.

If you want to have control over your Bitcoin you might consider using an offline wallet such, as Exodus. Exodus is a Bitcoin wallet that can be easily downloaded and installed on both computers and mobile devices. Setting up Exodus is simple. Just visit their website choose the version that matches your device and follow the setup instructions provided.

Payment Methods:

Bitgolder has teamed up with to provide an efficient crypto payment solution. With an emphasis on security and regulatory compliance aligns well with Bitgolders proficiency in selling gold and silver through cryptocurrency. This partnership enriches Bitgolders platform by enabling transactions, with various cryptocurrencies ultimately expanding its acceptance. Together we boost the credibility and user friendliness of cryptocurrency transactions.

In this guide, we will deliver detailed guidance on buying gold and silver through the CoinPayments method:

product select

Step 1:

Explore the range of gold and silver options available. Select the specific item you wish to purchase. Before finalizing your order be sure to review the pricing and any potential discounts that might be applicable.


Step 2:

Choose your delivery option and decide between complimentary express shipping and expedited overnight shipping.

Step 3:

At the checkout page, before beginning to submit your order, select CoinPayments as the payment method and proceed to the website to initiate the payment process. Ensure you enter the correct information before clicking the "place order" button.

Step 4:

Review the list of cryptocurrencies available for payment and select the one you wish to use for purchasing your precious metal. Ensure your information is accurate before clicking on "continue."


Step 5:

You will arrive at a page displaying a QR code, the amount, and a wallet address. You may either scan the QR code to pay through Trust or Exodus wallet, or manually copy and paste the provided wallet address along with the payment amount from other wallets. Please verify that you are paying the correct amount in the correct currency and ensure payment is made within the time limit to prevent any issues.


Bitgolder and Coinbase Commerce have joined forces to enhance user privacy in transactions. This partnership ensures transactions while prioritizing user data protection. By working both companies demonstrate their commitment, to maintaining standards of privacy in cryptocurrency transactions enhancing bitgolders credibility.

The process of making payments through Coinbase Commerce is straightforward. Users can choose to pay from supported wallets like MetaMask, Exodus and others or use their Coinbase account. To make a payment via Coinbase Commerce simply select Coinbase at checkout. You will be guided to choose from a variety of cryptocurrencies, for purchasing gold and silver.

Direct Bitcoin payment by BTCPAY

Bitgolder has opted strategically for incorporating BTC Pay, a specialized cryptocurrency payment server, within its infrastructure. This move highlights their deep dedication to safeguarding user privacy and facilitating fast, secure exchanges. BTC Pay, recognized for its commitment to privacy, guarantees the protection of users' financial information during the transaction phase. Additionally, it leverages the Lightning Network to allow for quick and economical transactions, boosting the performance of Bitgolder. Importantly, BTC Pay is open-source, underscoring its focus on openness and cooperative efforts in the cryptocurrency arena, establishing it as a reliable option for bitgolder and its clientele.

Now, we will provide comprehensive instructions on purchasing gold and silver using the BTCpay method:

Step 1:

Select BTCPay on the checkout page, please be aware that BTCPay is exclusively available for Bitcoin payments and the BTC Lightning Network.

qr code

Step 2:

Shortly after, similar to other crypto payment methods, you will reach a page featuring a QR code, which you can either scan or manually copy and paste the wallet address and amount from the displayed information into your wallet to proceed with the payment. Payment confirmation on the Lightning Network is immediate, while on the BTC network, it varies based on network congestion. Following confirmation, you will receive two emails: 1. concerning your payment confirmation and transaction ID, and 2. about your order and estimated delivery time.


Maximizing Investment Potential: The Advantages of Buying Gold and Silver with Cryptocurrency

In the evolving landscape of investment, cryptocurrencies have emerged as a powerful tool for purchasing traditional assets like gold and silver. This guide delves into the myriad benefits of using digital currencies to invest in precious metals, highlighting the synergy between modern financial technology and age-old stores of value. From enhanced security to global accessibility, we explore how cryptocurrency transactions are revolutionizing the way investors diversify their portfolios.

When you buy gold and silver using Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies it brings a level of convenience thats hard to beat. You can make transactions quickly and securely from anywhere, in the world. This approach also gives buyers privacy by protecting their financial information with blockchain technology.. It lets investors tap into a worldwide market making it simpler to add precious metals to their investment mix without relying solely on conventional banks. Benefits of buying gold and silver with cryptocurrency include:

  • Enhanced Security; When you use cryptocurrencies for transactions they rely on technology. This tech provides a level of security compared to traditional payment methods safeguarding your investments in gold and silver from fraud and theft.
  • Privacy and Anonymity; Cryptocurrency transactions offer enhanced privacy as they don't require disclosing personal information unlike credit card or bank transactions. This is especially beneficial for investors looking to keep their gold and silver purchases confidential.
  • Lower Transaction Fees; Purchasing gold and silver with cryptocurrencies can lead to reduced transaction fees compared to banks and credit card companies. This is because there are no middlemen or financial institutions involved in the transaction process.
  • Global Accessibility; Cryptocurrencies aren't limited by borders allowing investors from anywhere, in the world to buy gold and silver without worrying about exchange rates or international transaction obstacles.
  • Immediate Settlements; With cryptocurrency transactions being processed instantly you can quickly settle your purchases of gold and silver. This sets them apart from banking transactions that may take days to clear.


The integration of cryptocurrency with traditional investment assets such as gold and silver offers a new frontier for secure, private, and efficient transactions. The benefits extend beyond mere convenience, providing a layer of security and anonymity that is often missing in conventional financial dealings. Additionally, the lower transaction fees and instant settlements represent a significant improvement over traditional banking methods. As the financial world continues to evolve, the marriage between cryptocurrency and precious metals investment stands out as a testament to the power of innovation, offering investors a robust, versatile, and accessible means of portfolio diversification.